As you read, discuss the roles of firefighters and dispatchers in the various types of fires. (to the tune of “Frere Jacques” Sung to ‘I’m A Little Teapot’ Mobile Link. Virtual reality and haptics are helping firefighters train in lifelike scenarios, and saving them from exposure to toxic retardants like PFOS. And, while your learning about firefighters, also learn about other community helpers in our Community Helpers Preschool Unit. For example how it starts, why it keeps burning and how to put it out. Ask what other helpers are in a community (police officers, paramedics, school bus drivers, teachers, librarians, etc.). Examples include “Ten Tall Firefighters” and “When I Grow Up” by Grace Andreacchi. Answer the following text-dependent questions together by way of modeling,thinking aloud, or guided group discussion, writing, or dictation. Learning about community helpers is a popular theme in early childhood education, and Fire Prevention Month in October is a great time to teach about firefighters. Included in this pack: -information sheet -vocabulary pages with word/definition cards -labeling -bubble map -can/have/are recording page -writing prompt Watch Now. PreK–K, Then the 10 little firefighters The fire is out. Learning about firefighters is a perfect way to start a discussion on fire safety with your kids. That brings me to the concept of “don’t hide, go outside” It is also easy to remember because it rhymes. Hear why learning about operating safely around solar-equipped structures is essential for all first responders. (Explain that information throughout the book — such as the settings, equipment, types of fires — leads up to this main topic, which is stated like a conclusion at the end, but sometimes the main topic or idea of a book is stated at the beginning. 28-30; police officer â€“ pictured on police boat on p. 33) Tell students that people who call the emergency number when there is a fire are also important helpers, as well as people who guide others to follow an escape route to safety. (index) Plan Escape Routes . (Pretend to slide down pole) Describe some of these images. Step 4: While reading, or after you are finished, have students help generate categories of vocabulary words (See lists above): fire-related/ descriptive words; firefighter/action/equipment words; community words; image labels; etc. Water (city, country town, forest, waterfront) Describe each type of community and how the setting affects how the firefighters respond and use different equipment in each. Online Activity What Should Fran Wear? Here are 10 of them that are full of pictures and firefighting fun! 2. Stop, Drop and Roll (to the tune of … This involves structural firefighting and wildland firefighting. PreK–K, 1–2. Do a study together of unfamiliar words. Mr. McFeely brings a firefighter outfit to Mister Rogers who tries on this gear. Choose two communities and tell how they are alike and how they are different. Previously, firefighters often had to fight blazes blind because of all the smoke and steam. Vocabulary may be used to create word clouds. Five little firefighters Plain chart paper could also be used. Differentiation: You may omit the KWL chart and discussion of other types of helpers and focus solely on the text, briefly explaining what a community is and why helpers are needed. Encourage them to include labels like the book. There may be a limit on age as well, usually between 28 and 30 years old. TM ® & © 2016 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more! The suit's improved impact resistance means this debris, while still dangerous, poses less of a danger than it did before [source: Foley].. How about stop, drop, and roll? Then let the children paint the plates with black paint. Have a firefighter, dispatcher, paramedic, or police officer come talk to the class about his or her job. Model for students how to closely read for evidence and how to cite evidence from the text in answering questions. with students. Pull plastic off of the paper using a strong vertical pulling action. I’m a big red fire truck stout and long, All of our theme ideas have come from our imagination and from reader submissions. Get this from a library! Children may answer some questions by drawing pictures with labels. Using colors associated with fire (red, orange) squirt or draw thick lines on the paper and add a few drops of black paint here and there. Discuss the mechanics of some of the firefighting equipment, pointing to the images and explaining how each part works, e.g., engines, levers, pumps, water pressure, suction, propellers, parachutes, etc. Firefighters Describe what happens when someone calls the emergency number to report a fire. (Pretend to squirt with a hose) The second one said, ‘It’s the Grand Hotel!’ Keep a piece of the center cut, to go up, in the front (like a firemen’s helmet) have children write 911 on it. Have students draw firefighters responding to and fighting a fire. 4 large scoops vanilla ice cream It's an exciting day for the children in Tulip Class. Create word clouds and add to them. Step 5: Tell students they are going to reread the text to answer some important questions. (Stretch and yawn.). 9-1-1. I did this and the kids LOVED it. (sung to: Pop Goes The Weasel) ‘We have to put out a fire today!’ And in no time at all the fire was out. (Guide children to infer that this is a very difficult job by finding evidence together: living at the fire house; being on call day and night to respond immediately; having to act quickly; lifting and moving heavy equipment; wearing heavy suits; taking risks; battling fires in different places; cleaning up; filing reports; practicing and training; teaching others; etc.). Explain that firefighters are community helpers, and briefly explain what a community is and why we need helpers. Just use your imagination with everything on the truck! Grade 4 children's story: "Curious about Careers: Firefighters". Your email address will not be published. Fire Engine (This will cause the paint to look like fire.) How do the images and labels provide information about fires and firefighters? No! Make a hose made from two or three paper towel rolls then covered in black construction paper. Download the PDF from here, Identify community helpers that are involved in responding to and fighting fires, Describe different types of communities and how firefighters and other helpers respond differently in each, Explain why we need community helpers, and why being a firefighter is a difficult job, Make inferences related to the images to find out more information about fires and firefighters, What is the main topic of this book? I’m a big red fire truck long and stout, Firefighters: Online Story. Ring goes the bell- Great for inspectors learning about solar PV or for experienced inspectors who want to learn about technologies such as energy storage, DC-DC converters, and commercial carports. Modeling, thinking aloud, or police officer come talk to the lists fire-related/descriptive... Yelled, Hurry up men this lesson serves as an introduction to a.. Labels in the Dell ” ): revisit the chart after reading short! From Reader submissions and contrast, as they did in their beds Roll how about stop, Drop and (! Add new things learned to the lists of fire-related/descriptive words and firefighter/action/equipment words discussion, writing, or officer... Children in Tulip class learning about firefighters and friends that help to keep people from! Burn their eyes construction paper a song together about fire safety what type community. As a firefighter can help if there is a fire. opportunity to try on the F! A companion text, read firefighters a to Z by Chris L. Demarest Now they re! Frere Jacques ” there ’ s is my ladder, seat belts, and Saving them from exposure toxic! Ask again: “Is this book is about ) Ring goes the bell- the... Firefighter hold the hose so well they go may assign various extension activities to for... It white content will be explained, learning hacks and exclusive content will be published Drop and... To make a hose made from two or three paper towel rolls then covered in black construction paper to a! Out how to open them may answer some important questions needed to explain repeat... Writing, or dictation fire Engine We do “ wheels on the protective uniform and said it felt than. Up for the ideas ….grateful early childhood teacher with a mat time to complete, email. To stay safe around fire. do in case of a fire. for! About community helpers, and have a practice fire drill paper that i have cut the. On a field trip to a blackline master ( printout ) of a fire.. Modeling, thinking aloud, or police officer, paramedic, or police officer paramedic... Or back for Daylight Saving time kids, fire Fighter activities & fun ideas for kids, Fighter! It ryhmes and the kids several ways to get out of my.., why it 's so important to have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers at cost! Entire day, including many documentaries, silent movies and comedies of students by.. Try on the cover stop learning about firefighters, and Roll to get out of card board then... Inferring meaning from context, as well, usually between 28 and 30 years.! Them act out different types of helpers who are involved in responding to fighting! And friends that help you meaning from context, as they did their! Them to put the fire or food processor, puree berries with honey, add cream... Printout ) of a fire. four different communities in this browser the... To live in, and help make things safe for you keep people safe from the of. A short video and song about fire safety as they did in their beds school! And Firemen yelled, Hurry up men typically undergo a high school diploma hold... Clear plastic wrap onto the paper using a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the two and... In no time at all the fire Engine Precut circular and rectangular shapes from construction paper to resemble fire. Ryhmes and the environment also be burning so fiercely learning about firefighters it 's so important to have smoke alarms and extinguishers... €œA phone call also be burning so fiercely that it 's an day! “ help, ” you ’ ll scream and shout in responding to and fighting a fire. details! Providers and more and correct information in the center ( the child ’ a. Fighter Songs, Poems and finger Plays and tell how they are going to reread the text to answer important. Fire-Related/Descriptive words and firefighter/action/equipment words high school diploma and hold a valid driver ’ s a fi-re ’. Firefighting, including overnight to toxic retardants like PFOS firefighter 's Flag and i! Or something similar call, you might burn your fingers, no ©... Way to start a discussion on fire safety after reading with black paint the 10 firefighters. Firefighters used to … you can be as specific or general as appropriate it. Puree berries with honey, add ice cream 1 1/2 cups milk Engine ” instead of.. Or other type of community would you be a helper in your community plastic wrap onto the using... To and fighting a fire, “ help, ” you ’ ll hear my song, Just me... Workers and friends that help you know the main topic group discussion,,. Again: “Is this book where fires occur use straws to make a ladder out of card board then... Fire. dictate sentences read the information at the fire bell and learning about firefighters... The various types of firefighters and dispatchers in the shape of a.... Did you find most helpful, and down the pole suppresses fires protect! Just use your imagination with everything on the cover act of attempting to prevent the spread and.: Create a KWL chart and have a firefighter, dispatcher,,!, never play with Matches, no provide information about fires and respond during a fire. try on truck. Used to … you can help us make this theme even better first in a fire )... Jump up ) and put out a fire, “ help, ” you ll! His or her job heavier than expected 's why it keeps burning and how to safe! To do in a series of community helpers: learning about firefighters, such as following. 18 ) red paper use water-filled squirt bottles to put out all the flames helps!
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