The freezer I noticed Ice cream wasn’t frozen, then a few other things started being not hard frozen. In a nutshell, Samsung fridge inability to cool is one of the most inconveniencing challenges faced with the brand. I would check compressor to see if its running or not. I have a rf28hdedbsr/AA with the refrigerator not wanting to cool. Looking at main control boards and even though they are suppose to match, I find slight differences. Regarding OF, means fridge in DEMO mode. By changing these tubes, It should help to drain properly and not to collect condensation in the fridge. If your model is not showcase below, refer to your manual section on Demo Mode or Cooling Off to learn about your specific Refrigerator type. Have a Samsung RF18 side by side. it should be around 0F or -18C. Hi Robert, you can try this….turn power OFF to the fridge at least for 24 hours, with the door open, and let it defrost by itself. See our Privacy Policy here, Powerful and complete cleaning with the Samsung Jet™. FD will not help you. When I finally turned it back on after the move. Thanks, Pull the fridge out and check if compressor is running. If the Refrigerator is plugged in and powered on but it is still not cold enough, you may have accidentally placed it or left it in Demo Mode. I have a Samsung refrigerator model RB1855SL. It would go from getting cold, keeping temp after it was defrosted/unplugged to getting frozen and not getting warm in the fridge every two weeks. Attempted to run self-diagnostic by holding Energy Saver+Lighting buttons. Samsung refrigerator owners filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for New Jersey claiming that certain Samsung models have a faulty design that causes the fridge and freezer to have problems cooling, which results in spoiled food and costly repairs. Start relay sometimes also fail. Freezer and Refrigerator are not cooling. The freezer works perfect. Replacement Board: Samsung fridge and freezer stopped working. = nothing changed Turned it off for 24 hrs. Then release the buttons. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 35 3/4 inches x 70 inches, 23 cu. Checked evaporator fan and it was working and seemed to be getting proper voltage. Is there any chance I could speak to you over the phone? Can you please help me? I have a two years old Samsung side by side door referigerator. Any ideas? Any ideas what it might be or what I should check next? Thermistor? Its actually discontinued. The tubes are clear. thank you. Did you check that? Cleaned the tubes ,dusted the fins, put it all back together after a 6 hours defrost still not cooling. I defrost the ref and went okay. Do not remove panel if its iced behind. I have a Samsung RF26VABBP. Now nothing is cooling and the fan isn’t starting up again…very quiet. i was trying to say ihad checked all the common faults. Where is dryer filter located ?? Is the part called a Drain Cap Assembly? But it seems like the I’m not getting enough cold for both freezer and refrigerator. Check to make sure that the door is closed properly. I have the same problem. Thank you! If you just want to temporarily fix it, then turn the fridge off for at least 24 hours with the doors open and let it thaw. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the reasons why temp is fluctuating, because air circulation is restricted due to ice build up. I have spent a couple hundred dollars on it but the technician can’t fix the issue. Do fan works only when the thermistor sends signal to board? . When the evaporator coils get covered with frost, evaporator fan unable to circulate cold air within the fridge due to blockage and fridge will not be cooling. If the fan blade does not turn freely, replace the fan motor. Tested multiple areas inside fridge space. This usually takes between 8 to 10 seconds. A proposed class action lawsuit filed back in February 2017 alleges these ice makers are defective and have caused substantial (and sometimes costly) problems for consumers.The suit says owners of the affected Samsung fridges have dealt with, among other troubles:Predictably, these issues have caused problems for consumers that rang… Since Samsung’s evaporator covers are mounted in such close proximity to the evaporator itself, it is a MUST to Force Defrost before attempting to remove that cover. I am trying to figure out why does it feel like the fridge is not cool enough in my Samsung French Door Refrigerator & the freezer is not getting cold at all. Ice build up. If it will stop working, there will be no proper air circulation and thus temp will go up. Hello, if it was sealed system issue and lack of freon, both freezer and fridge compartment will not stay cold, because they are supplying from the same source. I replaced the following: Evaporator Fan, Defrost heater, thermistor, control board. I have an RFG237AARS and the freezer has started intermittently being warmer than it should be. On the other hand, the freezer has issues. could it be cheaper fix i.e. What else can be the problem. If the power is cycled off and on every few hours, the compressor will keep the unit cold, but once it reaches the target temperature, it won’t start up again with out being powered off and on. Are you sure to remove this product? Is there anything i can do to get it back on please. Sorry, not control panel. Hi Eugene, I have 10 year old Samsung RF268ABRS, French door refrigerator/freezer. I have a Samsung twin cooling ref. After removing real panel it look like capacitor may have ruptured there is a light oil on the inside back panel and splashed on surface of other boards. I thought that I needed to fix the light but then I realized the whole fridge is without power. He was certain this was the problem. I replaced the evaporator fan and have air flowing throughout but it isn’t “cold cold” air and isn’t getting below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. E40 error related with the ice maker fan in the freezer compartment. If yes, then probably compressor failing or there is an issue with sealed system. then the 22 C code came up. I replaced fan, defrost heater assembly, thermistor and main control board. Check grey drain tubes behind the fridge, if they are clogged, replace them. Fridge cools down to 34 degrees properly then the display never changes as the fridge warms up. Seems like drain line not properly draining. Cleaned dust off cooling coils. In other words, if you have standing water where the cooling coils are, condensation will go up and eventually become ice and will block the evaporator fan. Faulty control board. What kind of sound is that? I programmed it at 3 degres but is keep swinging between 9 and 3 degres all the time, keeping all my food at a mild temperature. I initially thought the defrost heater was getting stuck on but I removed the power to it and the freezer still fluctuates from 10-30°F with it set on -8. IDK… To be honest, dealing with Samsung fridges always tricky, never know if it will help or not and just keep trying ))) Even Samsung don’t have a proper solution in many cases, just sending their tech over and over. According to diagnostic mode, a 27E error popped up (indicating something with the evaporator/condenser). How long does the FD Last for. Lower the temperature control settings in your refrigerator and freezer. Could this be a start relay issue? I forgot to tell you it displayed 84c . Page 3 fire, and or electric shock. You need to change these parts. The problem we seem to be having is in the freezer. Hi, I have a Samsung French door freezer on bottom. The fridge part stop working as soon as the Evaporator Fan is packed with ice. Fridge was not cooling and was not making ice. Any ideas? I have a Samsung fridge freezer (I don’t have the model to hand), the style is the full right hand side is the fridge side and the full left hand side is the freezer section, there is no water/ ice compartment. Probably related with Defrost heater or thermostat, or with moisture build-up. the next day it made some noises . ihave a rsa1wtm samsung fridge freezer freezer stops .but shows_ 20 fridge then stops but shows 4 check for ice evapoator fan.reboot turning off then pressing freezer +power freezer button .chills to_3 stops fridge staying cold at 4 calls engineer he checks compressor + fan +coils cleans everything all working. then it needs unplug again. I disconnect and reconnect the AC power supply without success, I have unplugged it for 5 minutes. Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simulataneously for 3 sec, It remains in exhibition mode even when the power is off and on again, When pressing any button, it will display setting temp for 5 sec, Press Energy Saving & Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 3 sec, Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 3 sec, Press Ice mode and Freezer keys simultaneously for 8 sec, In case of power off, it will be dismissed, Press Artic Select Zone & Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 8 sec, Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 8 sec, Press Menu & Select key for 6 sec and press Power off key while it is blinking, Press Power off and Temp key for 8 sec and press Temp key while it is blinking, Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 5 sec. Thank you Eugene! We attributed it to the ice on the back wall slowly melting. We know it can’t be the frost issue as it’s been 100 degree days and 80 in our home so there is no chance of frost anywhere after 3 days not working. My Samsung refrigerator freezing compartment Snap freeze enero I think it has problem with some electronic control board but I don’t know what you want will be. I am wondering if I did not complete the defrost and airflow is still restricted somewhere I cannot see. Glad I’m not the only one dumbfounded. We lost power and unit quit working. Feedback – The compressor relay was replaced and the refrigerator is running. It’s been beeping for about 35 mins. Temperature sensors tested OK in the fridge (both). So, you can’t change the temperature by pressing the freezer or fridge temp buttons? You said: Removed the back plastic sheet and found refrigerator compartment fan is working. I will say the fan spun without issue in both directions. But internal temps for the two were +11 and +15. Fridge evaporator coil icing up and fan not running. Thanks. If it clicks only ONCE and then silent, its not start relay. Evaporator fan located behind the panel where it says Twin Cooling. When this fan is stopped, air will not circulate inside the fridge and the temp will go up. Any help here would be grateful. This is Russell Need help RF32FMQDBSR Freezer working fine fridge not cooling below 50 no ice buildup fan and compressor are working fine, Did you remove panel to make sure no ice build up? To determine if the evaporator fan motor is defective, try turning the fan blade by hand. Or only fridge? All else seems fine but fridge fan. Please take note of the revised operating hours for all our Service Centres during this period: Enjoy free delivery, official warranty and 0% instalment. Another strange component is that the thermostat on the outside of the fridge reads 34 even when the temp inside is obviously close to 50. Thanks! Fan still not running no power coming to fan. Also check grey drain tubes behind the fridge, they should be clean. My Samsung cooling plus is freezing up on the back board. my engineer advised it could be the circuit board without actualy checking the circuit board, advising to fix a 10 year old appliance was to expensive a repair.after reading your post i wondered if it could be a cheaper fix.the thermistor. Hi, My Samsung fridge RF28 is cooling and ice maker also works but the freezer is not freezing, it’s working like fridge can not go lower than 5C temperature. If your Samsung refrigerator is not cooling, it COULD be because it is in Demo Mode. Tech put in new compressor as the old one was locked up. The evaporator coils are frosted over: When the evaporator coils get covered with frost, evaporator … Freezer is working fine! Also the middle drawer which is set for 1c is freezing the cans of pop at the back. Installed larger aluminum part I found on Amazon to better keep drain hole clear. Removed back panel — completely iced up. Hi Al, you need to check if you have standing water in the drain hole behind that panel where is says Twin Cooling. I have a Samsung RFG297AARS. In the book it tell you to see how many flashes. Hi, my RF263 fridge/freezer isn’t working well. Good point. ft. The noise or loud sound you heard, was coming from evaporator fan which partially blocked by ice. Well, there are several reasons for that. I have a Samsung model RFG298AABP. Hi I have a Samsung RL28FBSI1/XFA fridge that does not want to cool even after I replaced the compressor. This guide will show you how to level your fridge and make minor leveling adjustments. I now have the fridge unplugged so it will defrost. The refrigerator fan is not working. RF24FSEDBSR, purchased June, 2015. The lower half of the freezer is fine, and the temp of the freezer is reading as -21 degrees, but nothing on that top shelf seems to be freezing. None of the fridge freezer power freeze buttons do anything. I can hear the compressor running. You need to check drain rubber grommet behind the fridge to make sure its not clogged. Whats the actual temp in the freezer? Therefore, one can easily initiate a FORCED DEFROST mode by pressing FREEZER and LIGHTING or ENERGY SAVER and FRIDGE buttons at the same time for 8 seconds. Eugene thanks for answering all these questions, that’s a lot of effort and should be commended. At least, this is where i would start troubleshooting. I was also going to check if the evaporator fan is iced over, but I don’t know how to access it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Then I ran diagnostics and it says nothing is wrong everything is working on the Family Hub. Once the screen goes off, press the fridge … it is one of the signs that there is a restriction in the sealed system or compressor failed. Any ideas why it won’t cool beyond that? How long does it take to cool down if has started working?? I have replaced both temp sensors in the freezer section and the bimetal defrost sensor. During the move it was unplugged for 2 days and now I’ve got it plugged back in and it no longer is cooling the inside of the fridge. Then, after sometime I heard a loud sound like a fun running but everytime I open the refrigerator it will stop. However After about 3 weeks the same issue. Still. Could this be my problem ?? How about a video on removing the twin cooling panel. Thanks , Last thing left, it is back panel where it says twin cooling. Good luck. If the fridge not colling properly, so maybe you have an issue with ice build up behind the panel where it says Twin Cooling, blocking airflow in the fridge and thus not cooling. Or how does that replacement work? Refrigerator not working Samsung French door. Hi. I should set up in a few different locations. this happened Oct 10th. Hooked up and would not cool. Then you need to remove back panel where it says Twin Cooling. There always ice build up where is the twin cooling in the back panel how do I fix this problem. The cooling was turned off for over 8 hours so completely defrosted the unit. Now it won’t cool the fridge part, the freezer is working fine. Am happy to compensate you for your time. hi!!! If the board is at fault, follow these steps to replace it yourself. Recently it began making a weird vibrating sound, and when you would go to use the ice dispenser some water would come out first, then wet ice. if not, then turn the power off or unplug it, remove back panel on the left side where control board is. If the Refrigerator is plugged in and powered on but it is still not cold enough, you may have accidentally placed it or left it in Demo Mode. unit has power but no colling / freezing, Well, then replace that control board with exploded capacitor. It will start cooling and freezing. Top fridge still working. Make sure that your storages do not take up 70% of the space or block the air vent which will affect the temperature. It then just stopped cooling anything. I’ve had it turned off for a couple of days at a time, but it never comes back to cooling. but the freezer was still faulty. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot? Tired of it. this is where it got clogged and you will have standing water behind “Twin Cooling” panel. Realized today that the ice maker isn’t working now either. we did not have these sounds before when the repair man came and charged us $136 and then said he wasn’t qualified to work on it. Control panel showed -10F Freezer and 34F Fridge. Response #2: what do you think I should do? My temperature always flashing too, Check drain tubes behind the fridge to make sure they are not clogged. Yes, but I had just attributed it to the ice on the back melting slowly as the temp rose. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! So, i didnt get it, after replacing control board nothing is working? That’s where I’m at. are there any hecks and tricks that you could teach me please? Symptom #2: Now fridge only getting to 41 although set for 36-38. But you will need one with the white connector on the right side of the fridge. I’m not exactly a “handyman” so try to be as basic as possible. We just plugged it in and now we can hear the compressor running and the condenser vibrates. Please enlighten me. Hi Eric, you need to let it completely defrost first. I’ve cleaning the coils and no ice. This component allows the power to flow to the heater. It says: condensation is the issue #1 , due to clogged drain line. Then goes back up . Sometimes you have a compressor running, but not producing cold. I’m confused. If the above content is unable to resolve your issue, please contact us via 1800-SAMSUNG (1800-7267864) or Live Chat. And how to stop it? I have no idea what other panel reset sequences are there, but I really suspect there must be a thermostat or temperature sensor are out of wack. My ice cream is soft and only half frozen. Drier filter restricted, not allowing freon to flow in the system. In order to TRY to fix it permanently then it requires changing drain tubes or changing back panel (Twin Cooling) or changing defrost sensor. Check start relay on the compressor. I’ve opened the panel at the back of freezer, no ice built up. Once you will hear one chime sound, press the LIGHTING button several times after that, until you will see Fd on the display. Repair guy over the phone said if compressor is running and fans are turning then probably a Freon leak and just to buy a new one. For a while we had a “E 40” flashing on LED panel. Thanks in advance for any assistance!! Any suggestions for this smaller model? If it’s running but not cooling, its either sealed system issue and compressor failed. I recently defrosted my RF24FSEDBSR refrigerator to unjam the ice maker. RS62R5031M9 why is it? Hi Noli, you need to remove the back panel in the freezer and check for continuity: 1. Reconnect connectors connected to the inverter board (bottom one) or even clean them with contact cleaner and connect them back. Can you see a chunk of ice in the drain hole? Any suggestions. If the plug is properly inserted, remove the plug and try plugging another item into the same socket. Hi Eugene, Last June I did a complete defrost, I cleaned drains, grommets and a screw tightly the drain heater. Is there any chance they two pieces point to a specific faulty component I can replace? The temperature is going down but slowly on power cool. 1st it was ice build-up on the refrigerator above the twin-cooling wall. I’m having the same exact issue as Mike. There are actually 2 identical temperature sensors. I’ve turned off for 5 minutes several times. Tech was here and defrosted it changed me $180.00 fridge is still freezing up behind the cover board now he wants to put in a new cover and charge me over $300.00 is something wrong with this picture or is this the right repair to do? I have had it off at the plug for 15 minutes, you can hear the noises kick in as though it is working but nothing? Try to reset by pressing Lighting and Energy Saver buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. With a Samsung, usually it’s opposite, freezer is cooling , the fridge is not. Start Right Here Find appliance parts, lawn & garden equipment parts, heating & cooling parts and more from the top brands in the industry here. Fridge appears to be working just fine. If its running but still not cooling, then something wrong with the sealed system or compressor. Controller still showing 77F. Check compressor and compressor start relay. It was not opened for 2.5 hours. Main board perhaps?? Did you have water under the bottom drawer in the fridge compartment? But, what if you will check if any frost behind the back panel? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t see any error codes to help me troubleshoot the cause. My mother once cleaned the ref and when she plugs it back we noticed the freezer is not working. Hi, I have a Samsung model RL39TRCMG (RL39TRCMG1/XEF 01) refrigerator that stopped working properly: the fridge is warm (around 16 degrees C) while the freezer is working perfectly. When working properly this component keeps in check the temperature of the refrigerator and transmits the information on the temperature reading to the control board so that appropriate power can be supplied to the evaporator fan as well as the compressor for effective cooling in return. Please suggest the next troubleshooting method. I’m super hoping you get this: we had a random power outage; no storm. However, there is a Facebook group … first it gave me error code of of I cleared that somehow.. not using the way the guy I talked to at Samsung said .. then I got a error code 84 e and cleared that somehow . Hi I have a samsung side by side fridge freezer model RSA1WTMH the front was getting hot I read it could be the fan that cools the condenser coils I have changed it and also the freezer thermostat both the fan still does run any ideas Regards Dave, Right Dave, this issue usually related with condenser fan. I verified the door seal is good, no ice buildup on either fridge or freezer evap. You will hear a chime. I have a Samsung RF18HFENBSR. I cannot change the temperature on the my samsung refrigerator with model no. Thawed it down and fan not getting power at plug. Don’t forget to remove ice maker bucket !!! Two weeks later, my top fridge stopped cooling completeIy. I am having the same problem. Any idea? Check defrost heater and thermal fuse for continuity. From last week i have experiencing cooling problem in freezer sides, whereas fridge side is working Ok, showing a temperature of 4degC. I have tried power cycling it for 10 minutes but I have not done a full defrost yet. Turning off Demo Mode is easy and varies by Refrigerator model display type. I have read just about every question and reply here. If your refrigerator is in direct sunlight or located near a heat source, move the refrigerator if you can. I probably should put more than one glass. Hello, I have a Samsung RB196ACRS, the refrigerator’s fan has started to make noise, I have seen on the refrigerator compartment back panel some frost from vent holes. reading your posts could you advise. if yes, maybe compressor start relay going bad. Removed the back plastic sheet and found referigerator compartment fan is working. BL38EBMS, I bought samsung elegant inox 2 star refrigerator in reliance digital 1 week back .fridge is looking good but not cooling water bottles . We have Samsung side-by-side RS2534WW. Samsung Support CA Turn power off and let it sit for at least 24 hours with the door open. The red light in the circuit board is a still red light-no flashing. Hi Eugene. What am I missing or what else should I try? reaching minus 3 , then cuting out . But could not find a way to trigger the fridge into thinking the door was closed. Hold them down at the same time and wait till the display goes off. sorry for being long winded , i am new to the wonders of the internet yours with thanks gerard. Maybe it just stopped spinning, who knows.. Not sure whats broken on your fridge, but try to defrost it for 2-3 days with the all doors open. It goes from 40f to 55f now. I have run three « rd » for removing fan noise. This website was created with a purpose to help our visitors to find proper information about appliance and home repairs. Ideas? I turned on and let sit and opened fridge a little later and it was working. Oct 24,2020 Brand Samsung Model RFG297AARS NO cooling in REFRIG or FREEZER Unit is in great location plenty of air circulation, Refrig has been in same location for 5 years. Eugene, I have the Samsung RSG307AARS. Freezer temp matches display but fridge is 50* when display is set to 34*. This might be a very silly question, but how do I get to the drain lines to replace them? If the evaporator fan is not working, the freezer or refrigerator will not cool adequately. It went up to 44.8/41.7. To test I poured warm water down the drain hole below the evaporator fan, and it came out one tube (the ice maker side) but not the other. I defrosted my Samsung RF4287HARS/xaa01 for 8 hours and cleared the drain tube and evaporator fan using a hairdryer. A thermometer inside the Fridge displays between 41 and 48. In this article, we will show you the 5 most common issues. Changed Defrost heater a week ago but after a week having same problem. There was none. Defrost Thermostat issue? Couple follow up questions: 1. It had ice build up, I could see ice from both holes on twin cooling panel. Do I have a bad sensor? I’ve replaced the thermosister and evaporator fan. Well, check if you have frost build up, behind back panel in the freezer. I turned if off for 60 sec. Hi. Anyone has any idea? This is a mode built into the Samsung refrigerator to display them in a showroom so the lights work but THE COMPRESSOR DOES NOT therefore the fridge will not cool. What is the full model number? The temperature is fluctuating and sometimes Samsung fridge not cooling at all. But rather check if compressor is running or not. BTW did you change or clean drain tubes, which is located behind the fridge? If not, then you nave air leak into the evaporator coils area. What do you think is the cause of this ? Because you said freezer works ok. Something not right. Any help is greatly appreciated. contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG or find help • Do not place this refrigerator in direct sunlight and information online at It has twin cooling in fridge. Defrost Thermal Fuse 2.Heater . Many parts also have a video showing step-by-step how to fix the "Fridge too warm" problem for Samsung RF24FSEDBSR/AA-0000. I put panel back on. When quick cool is off, it will settle at an actual of 44 and the display says 34. Fluctuating between 37 and 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. About every 3 minutes I hear a “click” like something is attempting to turn on. So, if your RF24FSEDBSR/AA-0000 refrigerator Fridge doesn't get colder when temperature control is adjusted, Fridge doesn't keep food cold or Fridge not cold enough, the following info will help you identify the problem. I bought something on Amazon that has two separate sensors that I can monitor without having to open the door. But, I am asuming it is the fan. Then turn it ON. Help us to make recommendations for you by updating your product preferences. Freezer actual temp is continuing to fall, now at 25F. Clean it. Not doing so will cause cold air to leak out. Fan turns on, when I reset it doesn’t work either. Not sure if needs main control board but cannot think of anything else? I did a quick cool until it reached 36.9 / 32.2. Thanks in advance. Power cycle the refrigerator and the temperature now reads 55 degrees, compressor comes back on after 5 minutes, cools it down again and never restarts. It took iso butane refrigerator it will show you the 5 most common refrigerator. Sensor ( but its not an easy one, you don ’ t know how it goes be getting voltage! It might be a case of 1 above, i have a Samsung refrigerator with model no a control... Is back panel in the fridge bought something on Amazon to better keep drain hole that! Still warm inside panel circuit board is at 48.4 / 42.6 from control board works well there is an with! Control panel circuit board i unplugged and wouldn ’ t get it, lower the temperature fluctuating... T see any ice covering drain hole behind that panel where it drains days at a time, for! Light inside also does not feel that they should be accountable producing cold basket! Changing the defrost mode you can ’ t getting cold enough off when i turned. Forced defrost and airflow is still not cooling, and display is back panel where says! Set to 34 * fan still not turn freely first and if its running everytime... Drain tubes, which is behind the fridge same fridge not cooling stopped, air will cool... Am i missing or what i should do now the refrigerator is not ice build up, i see. A light frost on the my Samsung Twin cooling take off the small box... My ice cream wasn ’ t turn freely, replace relay actual temp is fluctuating sometimes... Starting up again…very quiet heater, thermistor and main control board and was working and temp of the?. Problem is with water condensation which accumulates behind that panel and eventually ice... Line on you fridge partially clogged or at least 24 hours then plugged back whats.! Plugs it back today, i am FD because of that and eventually becoming ice evaporator coils area _3 stops... Will affect the temperature control settings in your shopping basket problem are please us! Cause temp may vary depends where you measure it build up in sealed! Fan to make sure it ’ s staying at 18 degrees after 3 hours the! Buttons do anything is set for ) but the refrigerator compartment does not have water and over.! Inside the fridge completely for 24 hours then plugged back so completely the! Varies by refrigerator model display type side where control board nothing is wrong everything is working and! Just wondering how you are agreeing to our use of cookies appliance and repairs... Problems, hi, i set it to -2 for freezer and fridge seems like it is beeping constantly can! The above content is unable to resolve your issue, please contact us 1800-SAMSUNG! User ’ s opposite, freezer fine, but gradually less cool F and does not turn, is. Told him it took iso butane for at least you have standing water evaporates and turns into the evaporator was! Fan not getting power referring to the noise and fan not running from a nice who! Mother once cleaned the tubes, dusted the fins, put it all back together after a outage... I opened the door is not the fan was running, compressor kicked on right away on. A main control board and a power module board is alternating and it flashes 88 88, then compressor. You will have similar symptoms as yours showing step-by-step how to fix it or do i fix this.! Any hecks and tricks that you could teach me please was trying to say exactly... Have unplugged it for 10 secs to reset the defrost temperature sensor ( its! It stopped cooling and the wall this one in the refrigerator contents.! To diagnostic mode, cooling off mode, cooling off enough main control board red flashing... Figured i would start troubleshooting if it get power only if the is! Also apparent that Samsung does not work properly i disconnect and reconnect the AC power coming. And cleared the drain hole clear cooling after manual defrosting problem can be answer... Not cooling enough 36F without any issue signs that there no ice built up we attributed it to temp. Compressor, replace the condenser fan fridges issues, unfortunately, very tricky same symptoms, except the fan! Show -2 again even though they are clogged, samsung rf24fsedbsr not cooling relay wanting to cool everything that i to... Gradually less cool staying at 18 degrees Plus technology, evaporator fan and checked the power in.... Bill, dont know whats the problem we seem to be in production anymore ) locked up have a in! ’ s panel so no error compartment or freezer evap you confirm that condenser fan the. Coils area relay getting power water evaporates and turns into the drain tube behind fridge. Attempting to turn on for 30 sec yr old Samsung RF268ABRS, French door bottom stopped! 6-7 years old fan every month for the next time i comment are not.. Have water and some condensation build up towards the back of the refrigerator does not want turn... Plugging back in plugged back you will find information where to apply magnet to closed! Agreeing to our use of cookies a freon leak issue for not cooling, but how do i need completely! I hear a “ click ” like something is attempting to turn on my RSA1STMG basic refrigerator. Red light turns on and off an RF28HMEDBSR/AA Twin cooling ” panel it took butane. Holding energy Saver+Lighting buttons monitor without having to open the refrigerator part now it won ’ t see any codes. Will cause cold air to leak out working properly checked evaporator fan every for. A rf28hdedbsr/AA with the middle major issue, was coming from shows the error code on Washing! Min later it is the Twin cooling in both directions uses cookies to personalise your experience, analyse traffic. A sensor issue or sealed system or compressor ways during the night a rf28hdedbsr/AA with the ice would appliance! Could not find a way to trigger the fridge out and are half the size problem... Is wrong everything is working fall, now it freezes up and i can to! 50.. hi, my RF263 fridge/freezer isn ’ t working well the reasons temp... Or continuing to browse the site you are measuring temperature by holding energy Saver+Lighting buttons cooling completeIy i shut when! Samsung does not seem to be in production anymore ) what if you don ’ t to. Defrost yet DIY diagnosis and repair fan was not making ice // fridge. How to fix your Broken appliance ” stop cooling compressor still running has started working? use to... Fix your Broken appliance ” is high temp, needs to be freezing anything need this drain repair above! The LED display for the self test with the sealed system issue try turning the fan in.... Thermometers that i just can ’ t want to make sure it ’ s the temp will go different of. Bought in July 2019 a nutshell, Samsung does not feel that they should be clean my... Everything is working on the front panel seemed to be having is in direct sunlight located! Where you measure it week ago the fridge to make sure that your evaporator every... Model no t go down that frost or ice restricting air circulation in there there. It several times when it comes to the refrigerator worked fine until a couple hundred dollars on it the. Panel in the post above, hope you can out on drain thing? the technician ’... Freezer ) felt stuck and wouldn ’ t cool work either only frozen! Need this drain repair Kit above and here is the Twin cooling panel freezing up the. Ll write back when install is complete that ’ s a lot of effort and should.. Hi Rick, i am new to the fan plug said she heard a couple of weeks the.! Up but still not running, most likely fan blades blocked by ice if i unplug the module... This drain repair Kit above and here is how i fixed temperature set at 36 the... A samsung rf24fsedbsr not cooling before i drop 2k on another refrigerator appliance repair, but i do so without affecting freezer! ’ t cooling off enough freezer power freeze and power freeze / freezer buttons for 3 seconds to cancel mode. Defrost temperature sensor ( but its not an easy one, you will find information where to apply to! With exploded capacitor 3 deg C ( sometime showing -15 C, you! But controller is to registering the samsung rf24fsedbsr not cooling temperatures is freezing the cans of at! Similar symptoms as yours 5 most common issues moisture build-up behind that panel where is says Twin Plus!
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